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How I combined exercise and shopping.

As it was a lovely day, I walked down the hill to the Kelham Island Xmas Market. There was lots to see (and buy) but fewer visitors than usual. I guess many people thought it wouldn't be on as the museum was so badly hit by the summer floods.

I stopped at a neighbouring factory which was having a sale, and spent a couple of quid on a splendid kitchen knife. Oddly, there were very few knives there; it was mostly scissors, though they did have a good range of left-handed pairs. I spent a couple of hours at Kelham Island, admiring the lovely things on the craft stalls. One stall had gorgeous glass window decorations, including holly and mistletoe, and I bought two of the cherry ones: one for myself, and one for my sister-in-law. I got some other pressies - little books of Yorkshire recipes for the friends I stayed with in America, some scented candles and a toy. 
  I got some sweets for myself, but restrained myself to 2 sticks of coltsfoot rock and 100g of rum balls. I got a pretty ring too: a band of dark blue with subtle sparkle. Apparently it's a mood ring, though my mood seems to have been much the same since buying it. I like it as it is anyway. And you won't be surprised to learn that I got 2 pairs of earrings.

By this time, the market was closing and I was dying for a sit-down before I tackled the hill home. The Fat Cat and Kelham Island Tavern were both busy, so I went to the Cask and Cutler Wellington, which is still the same inside. That was nice and quiet., so I sat down with a packet of mini Chedders and a half of Chedder Gorge (a delicious orange-coloured cider) which they have on tap. After this R&R I struggled back up the hill to home.

My legs ache now.

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