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But of course !

Now Mum and Dad have decided where they want to live, I've settled on what I'm doing for Xmas this year. They've bought the bungalow in Wymondham - the other side of town from where they live now, but as they plan to do quite a bit of work to it, they won't be moving in until the New Year.

So I decided to join them for the last Xmas in the old house. We lived there for a couple of years in the late 70's. We were there the year I got my first Scalextric set, and my older brother, Chris, still lived at home. We moved 6 miles to Hethersett, where we'd lived previously, so I could go to the new high school there. We stayed there until I'd gone to university, when Chris had got married, and Mum and Dad moved back to Wymondham, closer to Dad's bowls club work. They didn't care for that house, however, and while I was visiting during the Easter holidays, I saw that the old house in Wymondham was up for sale, so they bought it back from the people they'd sold it to 10 years earlier. They've been there for 19 years this time, which has to be a record for my parents. - I'd moved house 7 times by the age of 12.

When I went to book rail tickets this evening, I found they'd gone up by about £4 since last year, and looked more extortionate than ever. I have to change at either Ely or Thetford anyway, and found that if I took the Sheffield-Ely section as two singles, and Ely-Wymondham as a return, I could save a shade over £6 on the total. This is travelling on exactly the same trains as for the more expensive fare. 
  It must make sense to someone.


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1st Dec, 2007 07:48 (UTC)
Oh, trains. Yes, indeed. In a very similar way I always save an absolute packet going to Mole's.

I'm told it's something to do with routes where more than one train company is involved. They both want a cut of your fare, and because they can't agree how to divide it so that both are satisfied when you pay the same as you would for separate trains, they just make the fare bigger so that each company gets at least the amount it wants.
1st Dec, 2007 12:52 (UTC)
I used to take a train that ran direct from Sheffield to Wymondham, which cost a shade over £50 for a return. The price increased by about £4 over several years.
Two years ago, this train no longer halted at Wymondham but went straight into Norwich. Rather than have my parents drive into the city to fetch me, I would change at Thetford or Ely to a Cambridge-Norwich train which did stop at Wymondham. This didn't seem to make any difference to the fares, which went up at the same rate as before.
This year, it's gone up in a more noticable jump. It's possible one of the trains has changed operators, I suppose.
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