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Don't Tell Me !

The latest Star Wars 'Legacy of the Force' novel is out now - 'Fury'. It's not the last in the series, but it's the last of the three written by Aaron Allston, who spotlights Wedge Antilles, his family, and other X-wing pilots in his SW books. So will be mostly likely be the last book of the series in which Wedge gets a decent role.
   The LOTF series has been quite harsh on SW characters, and there's a realistic chance of Wedge, or his best friend, Tycho, getting killed in this book. Not a big chance, but a real degree of uncertaincy.

'Fury' isn't actually released here in the UK until the 6th of Dec. The nearest s-f shop to me, Galaxy 4, import their SW books from America, so may have it in the next day or two. The Space Centre in town also get stock from America, but I don't know if they're up and running again after being flooded this summer. So I'm not sure when I'll get hold of a copy, and find out what happens to my favourite character.

I don't like spoilers: I like to learn about things the way the author intended me to, with all the build-up and description. I don't want to read on a forum somewhere "and Wedge dies by flying his X-wing into the bridge of a Star Destroyer to save his family". I want to share the journey that leads him to that decision, and without knowing whether or not he'll survive.

I did take a look at a SW fan site, which had a separate forum for 'Fury' discussions, to keep spoilers from other threads. I considered having a look just at the thread titles in that forum, but even that made me twitch. Too much chance of a spoiler in a thread title. I just have to hang on a little while longer.
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