Gillian (san_valentine) wrote,

More stuff ordered

After spending an inordinate amount of time in front of the computer yesterday, I now have a printer/scanner/copier ordered. The one I first chose was out of stock on some sites so I went for another. PC World once again demonstrated that they're not sa fab as they like to think they are. None of the printers I looked at on their website seemed to be compatible with Vista. Vista almost doesn't seem to exist in some subset of PC World's reality. According to the manufacturer's website, the printer I want does work with Vista. Maybe they should tell PC World.

After that, came the joy of sorting out a broadband package.I've got a bit peeved at BT, especially their incomprehensible billing and their tendancy to swap me from one mystifying deal to another. So I opted for a broadband and phone package. It should cost me about what I'm paying now for dial-up and phone, plus I get a snazzy new Freeview box. My old Freeview box seems unwilling to scan for new channels, which is annoying as there are some I'd like and can't get on the current machine. The old one also seems to have lost the ability to receive ITV2 and ITV3, which on the whole is no loss whatsoever, but I did enjoy 'Peacemakers' or whatever that 'CSI: Wild West' programme with Tom Berenger is called.

So I will have a new email address before long. Will keep you posted.
Tags: broadband, new computer, new freeview box
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