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Welcome to the 21st century.

New computer arrived this morning. I'd asked for an afternoon delivery but the van man phoned around 10am and said he was in the area, so could he bring it now ? I said OK, and he obligingly carried up two flights of stairs for me. He had one of those datapads where you sign on the screen, but instead of the usual stylus, he had a double-ended pen, which was datapad stylus at one end and biro at the other. I now have a shiny silver machine in a box, which is where it will stay until I've got the broadband stuff and new printer/scanner. Then I can get the whole lot set up and transfer data from old machine to new one (need a memory stick or some such).
Ooo, just opened the second box and found a 1 Gb USB flash drive. I think I'll leave it in the packaging until I need it as it's only 2" long and could get lost if I'm not careful. Have to figure out how to get the old pc to talk to it.

I also have an uber-chic black and silver keyboard which is a lot less bulky than the current beige affair. Now should I use the matt black mouse that came with the keyboard, or the silver-with-black-trim mouse I got from Asda ?

*grins* I was just pressing keys on pretty new keyboard and gloating at new technology,  when I realized cd now playing (Sgt Pepper) had just got to the bit where John sings "I'd love to turn you on." Yup, looking forward to getting new kit set up and pressing the button :)


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27th Nov, 2007 16:42 (UTC)
IIRC your old system is on Windows 98? If so it'll need a driver to talk to the USB stick. You might find that there's a mini-cd packed in with the flash drive containing this.

The other option is to remove the drive from the old machine and install it on the new one, temporarily or permanently.
27th Nov, 2007 16:57 (UTC)
The other option is to remove the drive from the old machine and install it on the new one, temporarily or permanently

gwengothelf has an external hard drive box so this can be done without having to crack open the case on the new toy.
27th Nov, 2007 22:05 (UTC)
I don't think there's room for so much as a post-it note to be hidden in that packaging. What's more, it seems to be the kind of packaging that you're not actually supposed to be capable of opening. A good pair of scissors and some expletives will be required.

Or possibly explosives...

Edited at 2007-11-27 22:06 (UTC)
27th Nov, 2007 17:42 (UTC)
Is it sad that my first thought when reading "datapad" went to Star Wars?

Enjoy the new computer! *pouts* I want a new computer! (I also want that $768 Coach bag, but who's keeping track?)
27th Nov, 2007 21:54 (UTC)
Well I don't know what the proper name is for those handheld gizmos that deliverymen have for recording deliveries and getting virtual signatures, so being a sad Star Wars fan, I call them datapads.
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