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Food and friends

Had a nice day out today. Went out to meet folks in town for lunch. Had a good burger and a really tasty milkshake that pretty much counted as a dessert. mouschtiewas kind enough to let me sample a little of her cheescake. 

After lunch, four of us visited the Scottish Arts and Crafts exhibition at the Millenium Galleries, which has some lovely pieces. It was very well displayed, I thought, with some very effective lighting. There was some lovely wooden furniture, and a variety of delightful metalwork pieces. There was lots more: pictures, posters, jewellery, needlework etc. I've seen quite a bit of Charles Rennie Mackintosh's work in Glasgow, and it was good to see examples of work by his contemporaries.

After that, we took a quick tour round the new gift shop, and I fell in love with a wooden Welsh dragon that rocks its way down a slope. I love Welsh Dragons, and this was delightful. From the Galleries and Winter Garden, it was onto the German market in Barker's Pool. The first thing I noticed there was my favourite paella stall. There was also a Dutch stall, where I got some syrup waffles, and a pancake stall. We got some gluhwein and went inside the seated part of the stall to enjoy it. I had cherry gluhwein, which was excellent, but it was hard to choose between that, the amaretto, and the apple and cinnamon flavours. I may need to go back. There was a stall selling German sausages, so I got some Bratwurst (or was it Bockwurst, or Bierwurst ?).

There was a visit to Coles, which engendered some fun trying-on of hats and accessories. Then tallbintglitterybintand I wandered up Fargate, pausing for a while in Lush. We parted at the end of Fargate, and I popped into HMV which is by my bus stop. I indulged myself with two inexpensive DVDs - a Tom and Jerry collexion and a Silly Symphonies collextion.

The weather was cold, but crisp and sunny, which is good. Altogether, a good day, and nice to see folks.

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