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Musical Musings

I saw the bloke who won the search to find the new Joseph (for new production of 'Joseph and Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat') on telly a couple of times this weekend. His name's Lee Meade (or Mead, or some varient thereof).

The first time was, I think, Children In Need, where he performed 'Gonna Make You A Star' - the old David Essex song. I hadn't followed the tv show about finding the new Joseph, so it was really the first time I'd heard this guy sing. I thought he did a decent job, he clearly has a good singing voice and presence, but it seemed a little bland. No doubt Lee Whatever has a technically better voice than David Essex, but I felt it lacked character. When I hear David Essex singing, I know it's David Essex. I admired Lee Whosit's performance, but didn't warm to it.

I saw him again on Sunday, this time singing on the Strictly Come Dancing results show. He was singing 'Paint It Black' while the pro dancers did a group Paso Doble routine. The arrangement had been done to suit this very dramatic, Spanish dance. Violins replaced the sitar in the Stone's version and Lee Whashisface sang his heart out. It was altogether rather fab and did full justice to the rather Goth lyrics. It made Mick's rather self-pitying take sound a bit emo.

So talent show star appearing on pro-celeb entertainment does top Rolling Stones cover. How likely does that sound ?



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20th Nov, 2007 10:10 (UTC)
He also has a new cd out too. http://www.amazon.co.uk/Lee-Mead/dp/B000XSLWCY/ref=pd_bbs_1?ie=UTF8&s=music&qid=1195553256&sr=8-1 I watched the search for Joseph and I thought he looked the part and he can sing pretty well. He can only get better to be honest. Stage presence is very hard to project or cultivate. Ppl who have stage presence generally have larger than life personality. :) But yes, I agree, his Painted Black rocked!

There was another guy who can really sing on the Joseph show called Rob from Rotherham and he did a perfect Pretty Woman and ooze charisma but he doesn't look right for the part, one of his brothers perhaps. I think he is in a panto this Xmas.
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