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It's dead, Jim

My scanner died this afternoon. It did two scans without a problem, and then only produced an inch of scanned image and a horrible graunching noise. It looks horribly like something internal, and unfixable. I've had it nine years, so the chances of getting it fixed free on the grounds of 'insufficient quality' ' doesn't seem likely, and god only knows what it would cost to get it fixed otherwise. Almost certainly more than it would cost to buy a new one.


I may or may not be able to get broadband, as the installation cd may well not work with my current OS.

A look around at printers a couple of months back revealed that hardly anyone makes printers compatible with my OS any more, and I strong suspect that the same is true for scanners.

I'm not sure whether an up-to-date OS would run on this machine, which wasn't particularly hiigh-spec when I got it nine years ago.

That's right, nine years ago. Windows 98 was shiny and new.

Frankly, my set-up is beginning to show its age even worse than I am.

I was really hoping to buy an automatic washing machine this winter. I really hate using the twin tub and would love to have an automatic, even if it means paying for a plumber to fit the piping for it myself. However, I've just blown most of my savings on a new pc. I'm sincerely hoping that the moniter, which is newer than the rest of the set-up, will work with Vista. I'll ditch the old printer and deceased scanner and get a new all-in-one. So I'll still be wrestling with the ruddy twin tub for the foreseeable future, but at least I won't be cut off from the net and everything I do online. And I'll have a better computer, though still not high end by any means.



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