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No flies on her

I was just sitting in the living room, watching a bit of telly, with the cats piled on my lap. It was nice and cosy, being swamped under under a self-heating fur rug that purred now and again. I heard a fly buzzing somewhere in the room, but couldn't see it anywhere.
  Diesel must have heard it too, because she lifted her head and looked up. When she moved again, I saw the fly perched on the top of her head, right between her ears. Diesel could feel something on her fur and kept turning her head, trying to see what it was. The fly resolutely stayed exactly where it was, right where she couldn't possibly see it.

I started laughing, Skiffle got irriated by Diesel moving her head around and swore at her, then both of them abandoned my lap altogther. Skiffle sat on the floor looking grouchy, and Diesel sat nearby, looking bewildered. I nearly hurt myself laughing. 



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15th Nov, 2007 18:41 (UTC)
Does your self-heating fur rug ever try to stick its tail up your nose? Mine does!
15th Nov, 2007 18:49 (UTC)
My self-heating rugs do a couple of things. The gray blanket likes to adhere itself to my thigh using mountain climbers' spikes. The brown and white one likes to adhere the stinkier parts to the side of my face. Sometimes it also winds up like a tightly tied noose around my neck. I just don't know how these blankets migrate sometimes!
15th Nov, 2007 23:34 (UTC)
My left thigh looks rather like I'm a secretive substance addict at the moment. I have four small puncture wounds resulting from cats making a sudden departure from my lap.

The double-sized self-heating fur rug has only recently re-appeared since its departure around April. It has to start getting cold for the two of them to share a lap - 'share' being a relative expression. The brown bit of the rug tends to end up tucked into a smaller space, while the black and white part likes to spread out as much as it can get away with.
15th Nov, 2007 18:46 (UTC)
Oh my! I can TOTALLY see that! Poor Diesel!

No insect (other than those tiny sugar ants) stands a chance with Odin around. He will track and stalk it until he passes out from exhaustion or the bug is dead, whichever comes first.

Unfortunately, sometimes the insects attempt to take refuge in my breakable things.
15th Nov, 2007 23:26 (UTC)
It was so funny partly because it was so unexpected. Of all the places a fly could land in my living room, it had to pick the top of Diesel's head. I've never seen a fly land on one of my cats before. And poor Diesel just couldn't make out what had happened.

She does chase flies and bugs. She doesn't often catch anything, but she's caught the occasional moth and dented a few spiders. Skiffle once caught a spider by accidentally sitting on it. Poor spider didn't stand a chance.
16th Nov, 2007 01:08 (UTC)
LOL, poor little sweetie!
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