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Tree !

I recieved a long box from the parcel man this morning. It must have come by Courier, not the Post Office parcels, as I didn't get my usual greeting of "How do ?" from the deliveryman.

It's the plants I ordered about three weeks ago. They include a pot with some vague traces of plant matter, which I hope is a dormant Goth fern. They've at least sent the right one this time, as last time I got a green fern with red stems. The free Heartbreaker hebe looks a lot healthier than the one I paid for in the last batch, which died. On the bright side, the free azelea I got with the last order is flourishing.

soul_rider, your black pussy-willow has arrived and currently looks good. You probably ought to collect it and plant it soon, before the cold weather really sets in.

I also acquired five white Bleeding Heart plants - well, roots/tuber would currently be a better description. It's a perennial that flowers from April-Jun. I don't need five, so if anyone would like one for their garden, let me know.



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12th Nov, 2007 21:48 (UTC)
Hurrah! Now I need to decide where to plant it...

We could offer a home for your spare bleeding heart plant if you like?
12th Nov, 2007 22:35 (UTC)
I had to buy a 5-pack of the Bleeding Heart, so I can easily spare a couple - you know how large my front garden isn't :) They grow about 60-75cm high apparently.

I'm likely to be in most of the week, if you can get by to pick up the plants - or bully Ed into driving over.
13th Nov, 2007 13:26 (UTC)
if you have any spare, would love a bleeding heart plant. I had a white one but I think slugs manage to demolish it last year and I have not got around to get more. :/
13th Nov, 2007 14:32 (UTC)
You can have one too, no trouble. (other than actually arranging to get it to you !)
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