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Spent a little while in the garden this afternoon. I've put the new azelea and hebe in pots, and put them out front. The azelea - which was free with the order - looks fine and healthy. The hebe looks rather sad, and did when it arrived. I'm hoping it perks up once it gets sunshine and fresh air. It's variagated: green with cream edges to the leaves, with the cream turning bright pink in winter. I hope it does all right. I also planted out some low ground cover plants. I left them in their plastic container for a couple of days until I got round to planting them, and when I opened the container, the shoots were mouldy and manky. I removed virtually everything that showed above the soil leve, and planted the plugs anyway. Shall have to see if they survive.
Most of the front garden space is covered with one of those black, weed-suppressing clothes, with a bark chipping mulch (the landlord put that down). The bark has never been renewed and is turning into compost, which the weeds grow in quite happily. I made holes through] the cloth to plant things, and found about a dozen lily-of the valley shoots underneath, one of which had flowerbuds. Now they've actually got sunlight, they have a chance of growing properly, and I can enjoy them.

I think I may have some feral strawberries growing in the garden too.

The cats were out while I was gardening. Skiffle wandered off into the back garden, and I had to go retrieve her, using a jar of cat munches as a lure. She trailed slowly up the alley at the side of the house, apparently exhausted from her half hour of being outside, and wanting to be carried safely home. I didn't give in, and insisted she walk. Strangely, once inside, she had enough energy to run upstairs to get her tea.



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18th Apr, 2007 18:24 (UTC)
That's cats. :-)
19th Apr, 2007 00:43 (UTC)
Skiffle seems to have very little sense of direction. One time she was out while I was gardening, I called her to come in, and heard her answering. She didn't show up, just kept wailing plaintively from somewhere else.

I found her two doors down, sitting on the wrong doorstep and waiting to be let in.

18th Apr, 2007 20:04 (UTC)
Keep an eye on the lily of the valley...it can spread like a weed and be quite invasive if you don't keep it in check. I believe it's poisonous as well (and was even used in a murder mystery I read recently). Not that I thought you were planning to eat it, but keep an eye that the cats don't.
18th Apr, 2007 20:06 (UTC)
BTW, I love the plant, for both the flowers and aroma, but thought I'd post a warning just in case.
19th Apr, 2007 00:40 (UTC)
I love lily-of-the-valley and I'm happy to see more of it. If I get too much, I'll just dig some up and offer it to friends. It's got stiff competition from the pink-flowered whatever the landlord's wife planted, and from the hebes, hostas and weeds.
18th Apr, 2007 23:15 (UTC)
How come you have a garden when you live in an attic? (And I assume that really means the top floor under the gables.) Do you and the other tenant(s) share the garden?
19th Apr, 2007 00:36 (UTC)
I do live in the attic - the hallyway and bathroom are on the first floor, and the rest of the flat is one storey up in the attic - I actually have the biggest flat in the house :)

There's a little square of garden out front of the house, which I've taken charge of. The landlord did put down the black cloth and plant something with pink flowers, about three/four years ago, but never does anything else. So I've got some things in tubs around the front door, and I've planted other things in the square of earth out front. I do it for my own pleasure, and it makes the house look less like a rented property, and more like a real home.

The front garden isn't big enough to sit in, and the other tenants rarely stay longer than a year or so, so they're not really interested in the garden.
19th Apr, 2007 03:29 (UTC)
A random bit of LJ advice, which you can take or leave.

When replying to a comment, it's wise to hit the 'reply to this' link under that specific comment. That way if the person you're replying to has email notification they'll get sent a copy of your reply. If you just reply to your original post, they'll only see the response if they happen to come back and look.

As the owner of the journal, you get copies of everything, but other people only get mailed direct replies to their specific comment. I know that I for one often don't look at a post more than once, but if someone replies to my comment I'll often pop back in to answer it and/or see if a thread has grown from it.

Replies to a comment are indented below that comment, as on many threaded message boards.
19th Apr, 2007 03:31 (UTC)
BTW, I do notice that you've been doing this for most posts, but perhaps not for whatever comment is at the bottom of the list.
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