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Play it again

There was no actual role-playing at the game session last night, mostly because Chris, the GM, was away all weekend at a dance converntion, and hadn't got a new scenario ready. In any case, poor Ven is still rough with an on-going chest infection, and wasn't feeling very bright.

So instead we played cards. The craze at the moment is for a whist variation, referred to as Nomination Whist by this group, I believe. Once the cards have been dealt, you have to state how many tricks you think you can win, and whoever bids the highest number gets to choose trumps. The game is won on points scored. I lagged behind nearly all the time, and in the last hand, was one about the only one to score the right number of tricks and hauled myself from dead last in the points, to about fourth of seven.

Remember I said Ven wasn't well ? I've never seen anyone get out of breath dealing cards before.

I was looking in my books of games this evening and found the rules for this game in one of them. The book refers to the game by the name of 'Oh, Hell'. (which seems a fair summary when you see some hands of cards). It offers a few alternative names, none of them variations of whist. The ones it does list include 'Bugger Bridge', and my personal favourite: 'Bugger Your Neighbour'.

Which could be an entirely different game.



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7th Nov, 2007 04:07 (UTC)
We play 'Oh Hell' and 'Up and Down the River' (basically the same thing). However in the one of the many, many versions of 'Oh Hell' we play, trumps are set in order: hearts, diamonds, clubs, spades and so on. 'Up and Down the River' is pretty much the same except that people start with 10 cards (or less, depending on how many are playing) and each time there are fewer dealt till you have one card each (which is really loony, yes), then you increase again up to the original number, hence the name.

I love this game and am prepared to play any version and scoring option.
7th Nov, 2007 14:00 (UTC)
We play the 'Up and down the River' version, which is one of the other names given in the book, but far less amusing.

I'm going to take a book of card games to live in Chris' games room, so we can try some others. I'd like to play Newmarket, which I used to play with friends as a teenager. Which is so long ago I'll have to look up the rules before I can play again.
7th Nov, 2007 19:24 (UTC)
I've never heard of that one. Oh Hell was my childhood favourite, but of course you need more than two to play so we usually haul out one of our board games instead.
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