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Orange blues

My ISP (Orange), emailed me last month to announce that they are shutting down their dial-up services in December. Gee, thanks, guys. That's just what I wanted. 

Other dial-ups are getting few and far between, and may also vanish at short notice. 

I can switch to their broadband at a reasonable rate, and even keep the same email add I've had the last 9 years (which features the company I first signed up with, who got bought out by another company, who got bought out by Orange).. The only trouble is, their shiny new broadband isn't compatible with Win 98, which is my OS. Neither is anyone else's. I did find one that claims to run on 98SE, which I don't have.

As I got computer, scanner, and printer all at the same time, about 9 years ago, I may have to replace the lot. The monitor is newer (donated by friends) so that should be OK..

I was thinking of switching to broadband sometime in the next few months, though hadn't thought about OS compatability until now. I resent having the decision forced on me.



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6th Nov, 2007 17:40 (UTC)
When they say their broadband isn't compatible, they mean the instillation CD isn't. The actual internet connection doesn't care and these days most ADSL hardware shipped is doesn't care either (mainly due to the rise of wireless networks) as opposed to the days when lots came with USB interfaces. So if we can find out what box Orange ship we may find that we can get it working with your current setup.

On the other hand plusnet still do dialup.
6th Nov, 2007 18:53 (UTC)
I never put their cds in, I don't want all that rubbish on my mahine
6th Nov, 2007 20:06 (UTC)
PlusNet do dialup services still.
7th Nov, 2007 02:21 (UTC)
I would actually like to switch to broadband sometime soonish. I just need to find something I'm sure will work with my elderly computer.

I'm sure there's patches and whathaveyou out there, it's figuring out what I need.
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