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I Told You So

It's nearly noon. The landlord and his pet plumber have just shown up, about an hour and a half late. They looked in the cistern and established that the handle lever is loose and needs replacing, which won't take long. The Landlord apparently though it was more complicated.

I'd told him it was the ruddy lever in the first email I sent. They've now popped out to local DIY shop to get the right bits.

The plumber was careful to close the flat door after himself when they came in, and when I thanked him, he said he didn't want the cat to get out - Diesel was sitting on the stairs watching. Most considerate of him. Diesel is fascinated by workmen, and likes to watch as they work. I think she was a foreman in a previous life.



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6th Nov, 2007 12:03 (UTC)
Well, thank goodness they've got round to it at last!

Minsky has the same attitude to workmen. He usually likes to check their toolboxes to ensure that they've come with the right kit.
6th Nov, 2007 16:01 (UTC)
Last year or so I had an electrician and his apprentice come by to sort the wiring for the flickering light in the flat below mine. They had to haul up floorboards in my flat in order to access the wiring for the lights in the flat underneath.

I had to keep the cats shut in the games room, as I had visions of them vanishing into the gap under the floorboards and refusing to come out.

The men only had one toolkit between them, so when they were trying to put the floorbaords back, only one could hammer at a time. I speeded things up a bit by letting them borrow my tools. I wasn't impressed.
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