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Irritable flush

The handle/lever on my loo has been loose for a while now, and it doesn't always flush first time. Sometimes there's a bit of a knack to getting the thing to work. Frankly, I suspect it was badly assembled by the (no doubt cheap) plumber the landlord hired when the new bathroom was installed. He made a poor job of everything else so...

Anyway, the toilet packed up altogether late last night. No amount of jigger-pokery inside the cistern could get the damned thing to flush. Of course, a bucket of water poured into the pan does the job pretty well, but it's not ideal.

So I emailed the landlord last night, explaining the situation, and got a reply today. He says he's spoken to the plumber, and they'll be round Mon afternoon, if that's suitable.

So I emailed back, pointing out MY TOILET DOESN'T FLUSH. I didn't tell him I could flush is with a bucket of water, and he didn't suggest that, so as far as he knows.... I added that I know it's the weekend, and hence more expensive to get a plumber, but that I don't want to wait until Monday afternoon. I resisted the tempation to add that he wouldn't want to wait until Mon if it was his own toilet. The cheapskate just doesn't want to pay the higher cost of an emergency plumber for a tenant.

I'm waiting for a reply.



2nd Nov, 2007 16:06 (UTC)
we had a similar thing as students. The front door lock broke, and we didn't have a back door key. Luckily it broke with the door unlocked, so we could get out. We phoned the agents, pointing out that one of us would be staying in to guard the house until they could get someone to fix the lock.

After much to-ing and fro-ing, they *finally* agreed to get a locksmith out to us later that day.

"what time will someone be in?" they asked.

my friend resisted the urge to shout "ALL DAY AS WE CAN'T LEAVE THE HOUSE. WERE YOU NOT LISTENING?"

which I thought was quite restrained.

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