Gillian (san_valentine) wrote,

Trainspotter alert

I got yet another catalogue this morning - must be the season for them. This one is the Goodwill catalogue, where several charities combime to offer their tat gifts in one handy volume.

Anyway, at the bottom of the back cover is a festive little train set, which plays a suitable melody as it chugs around the bottom of your Xmas tree. The Christmas Express has a little model stream train (it's well known that Santa prefers steam to diesel or electric), a tender, wagon (for sweeties) and caboose, all in silver, green and red. 

I glanced at the engine, noting that it was a very American western design, with the typical cowcatcher, spark-catching funnel etc. I then looked at the wheels and thought  "That's an 0-6-0. Western locomotives were mostly 4-4-0's."

My only excuse is that some of my novel-writing research must have sunk in. Still, at least the toy train isn't held together with the link and pin system. Dangerous, that was.
Tags: trains
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