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A tall, dark leading man

That's what they promised Fay Wray. She thought the producers meant Cary Grant; what she got was King Kong.Fay got over her disappointment, and in due course, gave her autobiography the marvellous title - 'On the other hand'.

I'm reminded of King Kong after watching the Top of the Pops 2 Halloween special on Sat night. A whole hours worth of TOTP clips about ghosts, zombies, witches etc. It was good to hear Split Endz doing ''I Got You', but the chorus of "I don't know why sometimes I get frightened" wasn't really enough to make it fit in with Souxie and the Banshees etc. 

One of the gems was Pan's People dancing to  a re-release of  'The Monster Mash'. One was dressed as a sort of ringmaster, one was hampered by being costumed as a mummy, the one who'd drawn the short straw was painted green and wearing a space monter outfit presumably rejected by the Dr Who producers. There was a balletic bat but the real winner was the girl dressed in a gorilla suit. She had a 7' model of the Empire State Building to play with, and spent the rest of the dance leaping about and clearly having a great time. She must have been hot, but I bet it was more fun than being a mummy prepared by some slapdash first-aiders.

I have a King Kong game produced in conjection with the 1976 remake. The players compete against one another, and against Kong, who is trying to climb the Twin Towers. It's entirely possible for the players to lose, and Kong to win. Kong's moves are dicated by a cardboard spinner, the pointer of which is a little blue plastic Kong, who is pointing upwards as though about to break out into a disco move.

It is a silly game.


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29th Oct, 2007 17:28 (UTC)
"One was dressed as a sort of ringmaster"

surley since she had fangs it was supposed to be a girly-vampire formal attire?
30th Oct, 2007 02:53 (UTC)
I utterly failed to notice the fangs, but being a vampire makes sense. Maybe her costume was inspired by Caberet ? *shrugs*
29th Oct, 2007 22:24 (UTC)
You don't see games to often where the game can win and the players can lose. Pretty sad when a bit of cardboard kicks your butt. Getting whipped by the GameCube is a little less embarassing by comparison.

I find your icon very amusing (although I hope it's not reflective of your current mood, if so, *hugs*). I loved that story. Would you like a higher resolution image? (First link is no text so you can put whatever, second has the same text as your current one in a standard font).

(Beware the ads. Anoying buggers.)
30th Oct, 2007 02:51 (UTC)
Thanks for the higher-res icon :) Your photoshop skills are much better than mine. I've saved your version, and will substitute it shortly.

I used it for this post as the most suitable for a post generally about King Kong (climbing things), but thanks for the hugs - much appreciated. I've been beaten by my Gamecube on a regular basis; I'm sure it cheats sometimes.
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