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Virtual Shopping

Last night I sorted a pile of catalogues and papers that had built up in the bedroom. Today I've been doing some shopping, so the catalogues can be filed away properly.

I started with the Cats Protection, who send me e-newletters and a yearly catalogue, even though I've not been a member for about four years. I've ordered a pocket diary and a new Chrissy Snelling jigsaw. Chrissy Snelling does some lovely cat pictures, and I already have three jigsaws of her art. I love the ones of elegant adult cats, especially the Literary Cat, who is reclining on shelves amid china cats and appropriately titled books. There's a similar one, featuring a ginger cat,  I have as notecards, but I've never been able to find that as a jigsaw. The one I've ordered is Rose Garden and the background alone should provide hours of frustration.

I've also finally got around to ordering from the gardening catalogue. I've had another go at ordered the Goth fern, as the one they sent me last time wasn't 'Ursula's Red, but 'Lady in Red', in spite of what it said on the invoice. I wasn't sure until it seemed rather late to do anything about it, and I rather like 'Lady in Red' anyway. I've got a couple of their bargains, and also ordered the black pussy willow that soul_rider wanted me to include for her.

Now I need to decide if I'm going to order anything from Lakeland in the next week or so.


28th Oct, 2007 18:10 (UTC)
Oooo...thank you! I forgot all about that - I was going to talk fruit plants. Mind you, it'd probably make sense to wait till the garden is sorted out and we know how much space we have :-D

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