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'Tis the season - for shopping ?

Got yet another Lakeland catalogue this morning - the Xmas gifts one. Page after page of luxury choclates, biscuits, jams, etc.

I was kind of amused by the 'Hypotrochoid Art Set'; "Now this takes us back to the 70's" say the blurb. So it should. It''s Spirograph, under a much less catchy name.

They do have a nice selection of big jewellery boxes, though with a regrettable tendancy towards the pink and lilac. The is a nice one in chocolate brown fake leather, which is described assuitable to 'give a home to the largest jewellery collections'. Obviously, they haven't seen how many earrings I have. My favourite is the cream, Art Deco style jewellery chest, which seems to be the only one designed to hold more than three pairs of earrings without getting them tangled. Maybe I should send Lakeland a pic of my earring display/holder and suggest they make one like that ?

On the back cover, there's a set of crackers, containing mini handbells and a song sheet, so your Xmas dinner party can play tunes afterward. I used to be a member of our village handbell society. There were about 10 of us, including my best friend, Lisa, her Mum and Dad (who was the conductor), our friends, Cathy and Lizzie, Richard (local bus driver who was in the same drama group as my Mum) and a couple of others.One of our regular gigs was on Boxing day. We'd start with a warm-up for familiy and neighbours at Lisa's house, then play various homes in the village and surrounding areas - the old folks' homes, Sue Ryder home, Church farm, the rectory. We'd be going from 10 in the morning till mid-afternoon, with nothing to eat but mince pies and (as we got older) glasses of sherry. By the last couple of performances, we were playiing 'Good King Wencelas' at a cracking pace, I can tell you :)


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24th Oct, 2007 16:36 (UTC)
I loved my Spirograph! (Yes, I had one as a kid in the 70s.)
24th Oct, 2007 19:19 (UTC)
I never had one, but I knew someone who did. I think it was Lisa, or one of her older siblings. I've certainly played with Spirograph, anyway.

That new name is appalling though.
24th Oct, 2007 17:26 (UTC)
Oh, cool! I haven't looked at mine yet. I'll order some of those crackers for Mole's party. :-)
24th Oct, 2007 19:23 (UTC)
They are rather expensive, though you do get 8 colourful mini handbells to keep. The crackers with whistles in are less than half the price.

I could probably do with ordering a few bits and bobs, so if you need help making up an order to get free postage, let me know.
24th Oct, 2007 19:26 (UTC)
Thanks! :-)
24th Oct, 2007 20:06 (UTC)
I hang my earrings on a very shallow woven bowl on my wall. It's so easy to put the hooks through the interstices, I can see them all at once, and they look rather nice.
25th Oct, 2007 14:30 (UTC)
That's a nice idea, though I'd need a fair-sized bowl (I have 100+ pairs).

I did include a photo of my earring display/holder in an earlier post. I have a rectangle of muslin, bound with green ribbon, which hangs from a dowel supported on green embroidery threads. Stud earrings go around the edge, so I can reach behind to attach the clips, and hooks go in the centre.

It is nice to be able to see all your earrings easily, isn't it ? And they do make a lovely display.
24th Oct, 2007 20:08 (UTC)
I obviously haven't bought enough stuff as they've stopped sending me the catalogues! :(

saves me a fortune tho'!
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