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On and off and on and..

I phoned my parents this evening to find out where they live now what they've been up to. Turns out last weekend they went for a trip on the Broads with one of Dad's bowling buddies - on his £100,000 boat. It was a nice day out apparently. There was no mention of a butler serving drinks, but you'd expect one on a boat that posh.

Latest news on the house move is that the north is out. At leasr for the rest of this year. The house they are living in has been sold, but there's been a few delays over completion. The fellow buying the house had arranged his mortgage through Northern Rock, just before they went pretty much tits up. Assuming that he will, at some point, actually buy the house, Mum and Dad have found somewhere in Wymondham they like. That's the town they're living in now. It's on the other side of town, and Mum described it as 'quite rural'. Which, given that they live in a market town in Norfolk, I found rather amusing.The whole place is quite rural ! Anyway, they've put in an offer for it. Mum is frankly relieved at not moving across the country, and I'm hoping they do stay in Norfolk, near to friends and family. Besides, there are a couple of excellent second-hand book shops on Wymondham and Norwich, and I'd miss those.

'Strictly Come Dancing' tomorrow, which offers the joy of watching Willie Thornton doing the tango. Or something like it. Frankly I'm relieved he's not doing the jive. He's just not built for it. I'm kind of hoping he'll go before he has to do a latin dance. The idea of a large balding, middle-aged moutached ex-snooker player attemtping the paso doble is horrifying. And one of the best reasons for watching.

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