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Bah !

I have a cold. Which isn't too surprising, as at D&D on Mon, five out of seven people present were laden with germs of some kind. Mind you, I usually manage not to pick up any plagues doing the rounds. My immune system has a few issues, but it's generally very good about seeing off colds. Maybe it's because I had a flu jab on Sat.

In any case, it's unlikely I'll be going to the pub tonight. It's not a heavy cold, thankfully, but I'm feeling drained and an infection can make ms symptoms worse (hence getting a flu jab), so I think I'm better off staying in and taking it easy. Which is a shame, as it's a nice day, and I'd like to catch up with my friends. However, me and my box of tissues will be staying home.

In brighter news, I finally got my copy of the reprinted 'Six Ponies'. Both Fidra books and Girls Gone By specialize in reprinting old childrens books which are very scarce nowadays. I have the Armada reprint of 'Six Ponies', one of the earliest works by Josephine Pullein-Thompson, but many paperback versions of stories first printed in hardback were edited in the 1970's to make them fit the new format. I hadn't realized just how much 'Six Ponies' had been edited until I read Fidra's lovely new reprint, complete with all the original illustrations, and a new introduction. I was discovering new stuff from half sentences, to half chapters, that weren't in the Armada edition. It's wonderful. Must order the GGB edition of 'The Nightbird', by Monica Edwards, soon.


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19th Oct, 2007 15:09 (UTC)
Get well soon!
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