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What you really mean is...

Back at the start of July, I filled in a form to renew my claim for Incapacity Benefit. Well, I've not heard anything since, so thought I'd better phone and check that they had the form, at least.

Was put through straight away to nice lady who checked that my form had been recieved, which it has. She went on to explain that they have a lot of applications, which they keep in a stockpile, and send in batches to the medical assessors. And as I'd sent mine in about 3 months ago, it was about due to transfer from the stockpile to the assessors.

I had to fight down a strong urge to tell her that the word she wanted wasn't 'stockpile', but 'backlog'.

Still, it's reassuring to know that neither the Post Office nor the DWP have lost my claim yet. And I should hear from them sometime in the next -oooh, month or so.

'Stockpile', my arse.


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1st Oct, 2007 18:49 (UTC)
a large supply of some metal, chemical, food, etc., gathered and held in reserve for use during a shortage or during a period of higher prices.

a reserve or accumulation, as of stock, work, or business: a backlog of business orders.

Yep, the latter does seem rather more precise in this instance. I somehow don't think they're deliberately stockpiling forms so they don't have to worry about running out of them in the future. Rather, they're deliberately substituting a word with positive connotations for one with negative ones, in the hopes that it won't sound as bad.
2nd Oct, 2007 01:09 (UTC)
If you know the difference between a stockpile and a backlog, it's even more irritating to hear them use the wrong one as a substitute for 'we're swamped with the ruddy things'.
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