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At home being at home

Starting to settle down into a routine again after getting back Thursday afternoon. The flight back from JFK to Heathrow was the only one of 7 flights that arrived late. Ended up taking a later flight from Heathrow to Manchester, then having to change trains at Manchester Piccadilly to get back to Sheffield. The weather had been pretty good, but the moment I arrived at somewhere recognizably Sheffield, it started to rain.

I've mostly done the unpacking ie. suitcases stowedaway and things I already have homes for put away, but new books, pictures, scrapbook stuff still in piles about the place. Picked up the cats from mouschtieyesterday. Cats look fine and have clearly thrived without me, but by today were clearly glad to be home again, and were competing for space on my lap. and being very purry.

Off to play D&D later. There's not a lot of food in the house yet, so will most likely take a frozen ready meal to heat in the communal microwave. Talked to Gary on Thurs night about going shopping, but he's sleeping very erratic hours, so we haven't fixed a firm time for a proper shop yet.

Need to make a start on proof-reading the Black Horse Express Western Anthology, which I agreed to do in a moment of temporary insanity. That arrived yesterday, and I need to check when it has to be done by. I guess once I've done the first story, and got the hang of writing my corrections as they want, it'll seem less scary. Better stop doing this and make a start on that then.

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