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It is a silly place.

Sunday lunchtime Brian and I headed for Broadway to meet up with Candy, a Kiwi Star Wars fan who will be staying here this week, and her daughter who lives in NY. We were going to see Spamalot ! The show is in a small but nice theatre and we loved it. There are castle walls extending up either side of the proscenium arch, with alcoves in, and a huge curtain like a portcullis which can have things projected onto it, so we got some Terry Gilliam animations. Highlights included 'Not Dead Yet', ;Camelot' and the '/song That Goes Like This'. If you like Monthy Python, the whole show is huge fun, performed with tremendous zest by a small cast who double up on roles in true Python spirit. The staging is inventive and fun. The show is based on Holy Grail, and repeats many of the favourite scenes, but does differ slightly, especially towards the end, to make it work as a stage play.

I enjoyed it and heartily recommend it, but at the interval I overheard two ladies talking about it. One remarked incredulously "this won awards ?", while her friend replied that it would probably be OK if you had that kind of sense of humour. So since these women clearly didn't like Monty Python, what the hell were they doing at Spamalot ?



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25th Sep, 2007 13:36 (UTC)
I saw Spamalot back in December when it was playing in Detroit, and enjoyed it immensely. But then, I do like Monty Python. I was particularly amused "The song that goes like this" as well, and also by "I'm all alone" (particularly Patsy's interjections).
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