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It's a helluva town

So, Wed Ron drove me back to Albuquerque to catch the first plane of the day. After  dallying in Chicago airport a couple of hours (again), I flew onto New York, arriving a few minutes ahead of schedule. So far all five flights this trip have been on time or slightly ahead, which is pretty good going.  New York seen from the air at night is impressive, and pretty. We came in very low over the river on the final approach, which was both dramatic and scary.

I had no problem finding Maki at the airport, and we soon joined her husband, Brian, who was outside in the car. We drove to their apartment, in mid-town Manhatten, and I got my first sight of the Empire State Building and the Chrysler Building, all lit up in the dark. The apartment is in an old building attached the the church where Brian is  sexton (surprised me when I found out what he does). It's a fabulous place, somewhat randomly constructed from a series of rooms. There are at least three doors that aren't used - they are now redundant because of the way the building was divided up. There's also a door to the elevator in the back corridor, but we don't have access to it. It's for the people who live on the floor above.

The kitchen-dining area is amazing. Both Maki and Brian like to cook so they have just about every kitchen implement you can think of, and usually about three of each. There's a small table that bristles with knives, as they don't share those. Plus not only a regular fridge-freezer, but an immense black one the size of a wardrobe. Food appears to be bought in catering size quantities, though we ran out of milk this morning. There are also lots of books here. Lots of books. And that's not including the one's still in boxes. I swear that they have as many cookbooks as any three people on my flist put together. There are also lots of ornaments and toys, with Star Wars stuff randomly about the place.

Brian has built a loft bed for me in the living room. It's a good eight feet up, and I get up by climbing a stepladder tied to the frame. It's rather nerveracking, though I'm sure I'd have loved it when I was 12. What's more, the guard rail only runs alongside my mattress, and is the same height, which is a bit unnerving. I stuffed a spare pillow into the gap between mattress and guard rail which made me feel a little better. Fortunately, I'm not a restless sleeper. There;s just about enough headroom for me to sit up in bed. Anyone taller would be in trouble.

The bathroom has a fab shower curtain, which has a map of the world on it, with each country marked, so you can get clean and educated at the same time. Most countries have the capital city marked, and one of more other cities, depending upon space available on the map. The UK has London marked, understandably, and more puzzlingly, Sunderland. I've taken photos of the loft bed and the kitchen. This apaprtment alone is almost worth crossing the ocean to see.


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