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There was spontaneous combustion yesterday - that is, Edy thought  "What  a lovely day; I'll have a barbeque tonight." So I packed myself, a steak and a can of perry, and went off to be sociable.

It was nice to see folks after not getting to the pub the night before. I wore the white shell necjlace that Iain and Vikki gave me for my birthday. And when I met Erica, she rushed off the fetch a pretty amber necklace that she's got for my birthday. but hadn't been able to pass on until now. I look forward to wearing it.

soul_rider had brought some fancy Jammie Dodgers - some with vanilla cream in them, and others that were orangey - marmalade dodgers, I guess. Both kinds were nice.

Today I remembered that the pots in the garden were looking a little dry, so I spent a few munites watering them, and pulling weeds and dead leaves out of the pots. The lily of the valley is coming up well, and will probably be flowering before too long. 

Skiffle is lying on he back with her paws pointing upwards and curled over, like young fern fronds waiting to unravel. Every now and again she makes a stuttering 'wououw' sound. I think she's trying to remind me that she needs feeding (her opinion).

Oh, and I was going to sew together some kitting while I was watching the Grand Prix, but  I don't seem to have any needle threaders. That trip to Hobbycraft may be sooner than expected.


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15th Apr, 2007 16:38 (UTC)
*whispers* I think Ed and I bought you that shell necklace for your birthday, if it's the white one with a bird on...
15th Apr, 2007 23:36 (UTC)
Really ? I could sworn that was from Iain and Vikki. It's very pretty, and much appreciated anyway. It's just the thing to go with my white broiderie anglaise top.
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