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Umm, er, I...err

Well, today I gave a short talk to the 3rd graders at Nadiya's school - 8 to 9 year old's, I think. I gave my talk in the gym, whhich echoed and made it difficult to hear anyone. The kids all filed in and sat on the floor - I was suprised to see a couple of girls with coloured hair - one with blue hair and one with pink streaks. 

I started by explaining that Great Britain is also called the United Kingdom, and explained it's made up of four countries. I said we had a Prime Minister who is elected, like their President, and then talked a bit about the Royal familiy. I had some British biscuits and toffees I'd brought for Ron and family, and I showed those, explaining what they were, and told the kids how English people use differene words to them for things like sidewalks and strollers. I also talked a little about our money, what it's called and what it looks like.

After that I answered a bunch of questions - a lot of which were about the Royals. I got asked what other Queens had been called, about inheritance (though not phrased that way) and who the first king of England was - not the easiest question to answer ! It was rather nerve-wracking, especially before I started, but it went well.The kids were pretty quiet and receptive, and the teachers were thrilled :)

I've put some three films in to be developed, and will collect them later. Ron is proof-reading his next book and we'll probably be doing when he's done. Nadiya's trying to put off doing her homework.


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19th Sep, 2007 00:08 (UTC)
Cool! Good for you!
19th Sep, 2007 00:46 (UTC)
You're very brave! Well done, you.

Ron is proof-reading his next book and we'll probably be doing when he's done

Doing what? This again?

Is Ron a Western author too? Do you both earn enough from your books to live off? If so, I want to know how you do it!
20th Sep, 2007 16:32 (UTC)
I should have typed that we'd be going when he's done.

Ron is also a western author, and no, neither of us makes a living at it. Very few western authors do, and a lot of other authors rely on other scources of income to supplement the writing money
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