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Canyons of my Mind

Well, actually these are real canyons. Yesterday Ron and I took a loooong drive out into Colorado - out for about 12 hours in total. 

We headed north from Farmington towards Durango, in Colorad (you may need a map to follow this). Then we turned east to Pagosa Springs and stopped to look at the hot springs there. They smelt of rotten eggs, as hot springs often do. Hot water was bubbling out of these fab mineral formations, which were cream and red and looked like huge desserts
  From there, we went over Wolf Creek Pass, which was winding and spectacular, and crosses the continenal divide. We stopped at Treasure falls, which are very pretty, and admired some cute chipmunks and ran around like little clockwork toys, looking for food. On the far side of the pass, we went through South Fork, and turned up towards Creede. The town Motherlode, in 'Two-Gun Trouble' was partly inspired by a photo I'd seen of Creede, which seemed to be sitting between two vertical canyon walls. Creede is in a narrow valley, with the canyon starting just beyond the end of Main Street. It's a small town, and the central street still looks like an old western town. We had lunch, then wandered around the shops. It's about the end of the season, so most of the shops had sales at anything from 10-50% off. I got a beautiful little bowl, 2 Xmas pressies for people, 3 reference books, an Indian made ring with little pieces of opal and four pairs of earrings. We also stopped for excellent ice cream. Ron had almond and toasted cocoanut and I had cherry with chocolate chunk.

  Coming back again, it started to rain. In fact it began to rain very heaily and we saw lightning in the distance, beyond the nearest peaks. There was sheet lightning flickering on the horizon, and the occasional bolt of forked lightning, whhich was very dramatic. IWhen the sun went down it got very dark, with all the rainclouds, and in places it was raining almost more heavily than the windscreen wipers could cope with. The roads were unlit, and didn't even have cats eyes, which made driving a little unneriving.Fortunately Ron knows the roads very well and there wasn't much traffic about.
We got home again around 9.00 at night. Tired after a long dat, and slept well


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