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I spent money !

I haven't had that many chances to actually spend much money yet. Any eating out has generally been catered by La Fiesta Grande - Ron and Cathy's restaurant - so it hasn't cost anything.

Yesterday afternoon we went Downtown so I could visit The Dusty Attic. The parts of Farminton I've seen so far are all sprawling shopping precincts and suburbs.  It's mostly single story buildings, rarely more tha three together, with plenty of open land around them. It's all sprawl, with gas stations and huge advertizing signs. Downtown is the only part that actually looks like a buildt up town.

The Dusty Attic is a secondhand and gift store spread over three floors, each divided into alcoves and roomlets. There is a small selection of old-fashioned candy,plus free mints and popcorn, and cheap cans of soda. I had a good time wandering around, generally accompanied by Nadiya. I picked up a great ornamental cowboy figure made from horseshoes. I also got a beatutiful necklace and earring set. Green/yellow triangles of opal set in silver. The whole set was a bargain at $40. I'm looking forward to wearing it. They also had lovely bracelets set with small rectangles of different coloured opals, which I was tempted by, but they cost around $160 each. Not too expensive for an opal bracelet, by any means, but more than I wanted to pay there and then.
 So I may have more money than I expected left to take onto New York. I"m sure I can find places to spend it there :)


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