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Having a pleaant time here with Ron and family. His grandkids have been very excited about me coming to stay. Jered (age 6) amused his grandparents by wanting to know whether I spoke good English. His grandma explained that the British were speaking English before Americans were. Nadia (9) is also excited about having me to stay. She told her teacher about it, which her teacher promptly used as an excuse for a geography lesson on where the UK is. I think I've agrred to speak to the class on Tuesday.

Yesterday afternoon we went to Sam's Club, which is like Macro on a larger scale, It has little stalls selling samples of some of the foods, so you can try before you buy. I had breaded scampi and some ham. Nadia had a bit of everything, The evening was quiet, and I finished reading 'Inferno'. Last thing, Ron and I were looking at the telly as he did some channel surfing, and we found 'Twin Dragons', so we watched that and enjoyed it.

Today we went to the cutting horse competition at the county showground. It's a rodeo competition, where the aim is for riders to separate one steer from a small herd, and try to keep apart until the buzzer goes.The way the horses move is astonishing - they watch the selected steer and dart backwards and forwards with tremendous agility. A top class cutting horse is worth hundreds of thousands of dollars. Ron and Cathy are catering, so we'll be there again tomorrow, when it will be busier.

It was cooler this morning - by NM standards, and the outdoors has got more like an oven through the day. I'm hoping the the watermelon rinds from breakfast will still be waitiing to be fed to Santana, their horse. I didn't touch oany of the cutting horses tied to the rail, so it will be nice to be able to make a fuss of one.

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