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'cros the ocean

I'm in the office at Ron's restaurant; have dealt with the 437 emails that arrived since Tues night, Ron's grandkids are sitting on the floor by my chair, playing with rubber bands.

The flights all went according to plan, which is a relief. I much prefer travelling on flights that are unmemorable. First stop was Chicago airport, where I picked up two books. One was the new Star Wars novel, which isn't out in the UK till Oct. The other was a book of postcards about the Great Fire of Chicago. The second fight was to Forth Worth, where we got in barely half an hour before the next flight was due out. The last one was to Albuquerque, and I napped on that one. I met Ron OK at the airport and we drove back to Farmington. We stopped at a store for some snacks - which took me longer than usual because the brand names are all unfamiliar. I found a couple of nice maps too.
  Second stop was a Wendy's, as I really wanted a shake, rather than any other kind of drink and the store didn't have any. We entered just as a Native American was leaving, which made me really fell like I was in the West. The shake was so think it was more like soft ice cream, and I ate it with a spoon. We stopped once more at a remote gas station, tended by an orange haired old stoner. Ron told the staff that I was a writer, and the guy wanted to know if I got my story ideas in dreams. He seemed most disappointed when I said I didn't.
   We arrived at Ron's at about midnight local time, which means I was travelling for about 25 hours total. I greeted the cats, who were the only ones up, and went to bed.

Woke around 10 and got up a little later. Had some breakfast and went back to my room for a nap. Ron woke around 1.00 and we came out to the restaurant for lunch. I had the chicken noodle soup, which was excellent. It's very hot and sunny here. we're off in a minute



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13th Sep, 2007 22:02 (UTC)
Welcome! Glad to hear your flights in went well. That's one looooonnnggg trip already without delays. Have fun out West!
13th Sep, 2007 22:52 (UTC)
Glad to hear you got there safe :-D

Have a great trip and we'll look forward to hearing all about it (and seeing photos!) when you get back.
14th Sep, 2007 02:02 (UTC)
You're in NM! How far are you from Socorro and the Very Large Array? astrogirl2 - B7 and general SF fan and fic writer - lives there and works on the VLA. :-)

Have fun! It sounds wonderful.
14th Sep, 2007 16:51 (UTC)
I think I"m some distance away - not sure without having a map to hand. Farmington is way up in the top left-hand corner of the state.
16th Sep, 2007 18:48 (UTC)
Have a fantastic time!
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