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(Almost) the whole kit and caboodle

Well, I'm nearly ready to go. Just taking a break for coffee and a sit-down with lj.

The cats went to stay with mouschtiethis afternoon. We carried two litter trays (with litter), one carrier of food and stuff, one 20k bag of litter and two cats in boxes down two flights of stairs to the car, then did the reverse at the other end. Fortunately there is only one flight of stairs at the destination, the landlord happened to be around and helped. and we left the bag of litter in the car for Mickey to carry up. My back objected paiinfully during the first lot of lifting, and hurts every time I bend over. It should be OK in the morning, but it hasn't made this evening any better.

I got the cat embroidery finished and mounted in the frame. I got a couple of pictures of it, so I'll post those later. I'm pretty pleased with it. It's gift-wrapped as a present for Cathy, my New Mexico hostess. The suitcases are also laden with serveral packets of biscuits for my hosts (Jammie Dodgers, Wagon Wheels, Fig Rolls and Golden Syrup cakes), plus packs of Thornton's special toffee, in treacle and liquorice. There's also a bottle of Henderson's Relish for Ron.
   I've packed a few clothes as well :)

I've emptied all bins but the kitchen bin, and I'll do that in the morning. I'd planned to wash my hair tonight, but it's got too late, and it looks OK. Still have to pack the rucksack, but I made a list of everything I want in the hand luggage. Still haven't decided what book to take. Maybe I'll just get something at the airport. I plan to get the new Star Wars novel, Inferno, once I reach Chicago. Should keep me quiet for the hops to Dallas and on to Albuquerque.

Right, break time over. The taxi's due here at 05:40 tomorrow. 

Sooo not looking forward to that.



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12th Sep, 2007 00:10 (UTC)
Have a great time!
12th Sep, 2007 07:22 (UTC)
Skiffle is being loud and dominant, and staring at the door expecting you to be hiding behind it. Diesel has barely surfaced since you left, although she has found a nice hidey place behind my chair. Think they'll be ok :)
12th Sep, 2007 10:19 (UTC)
Happy holidaying and safe trip! :D xx
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