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What to choose, what to choose...

I'm trying to decide what to order from the Radio Times garden catalogue. You get a free Hebe Heartbreak with every purchase, which I want anyway. It's got green leaves edged in white, which turn pink in the winter. Hebes seem to thrive in my garden, so here's hoping...

I'd rather like some red-stemmed dogwood, which is on special offer. That can go in a tub on the far side of the bay window, and will look colourful all through winter too. I might get some cyclamen to plant in a corner somewhere. There's a nice one that produces rose-pink, scented flowers in autumn.

Ooh. I've just a Black Pussy Willow in the catalogue. "Red and black stems in winter, purple-black catkins with red anthers (which look like red claws sticking out of black cat's toes !), which turn yellow with pollon." Wow ! It grows to three metres, which is too big for my garden, but what a fab plant !

What else....?



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9th Sep, 2007 16:38 (UTC)
that plant sounds fab!
sadly I've managed to massacre all new plant arrivals this year or I would be tempted!
9th Sep, 2007 19:06 (UTC)
I wonder if that would go well in one of our gardens?

Do they still do citrus trees?
9th Sep, 2007 19:12 (UTC)
*glee* Found a piccy and Ed says I can have one for the back garden! Can we jump on your order? I'll come round to bring you that bag tomorrow (probably lunchish if Jo doesn't mind swinging by after toddlers) if that's ok?
9th Sep, 2007 23:34 (UTC)
That's fine. I'll be out roleplaying in the evening - some time after 5:00 - but a visit anytime between lunch and then would be welcome. Jo and Alex are welcome too, of course. I don't think Jo's ever been to my place.

I'm more than happy to add a black pussy willow to the order. It looks so fab I'd love to see one in a garden I visit
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