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Give it a good whipping

Well, I discovered that it is possible to whip evaporated milk. I got it to (very) soft peaks, which seemed to be the best it could do, though I didn't really want more. I then added some lemon curd, which had the effect of making it pretty liquid again, so had the app=ly the beater again. This time it got pretty thick and I decided that was sufficient. I added a teeny touch of ginger (what's happened to the cinnamon I'm sure I had ?) and crumbled in the broken up meringues I got cheap yesterday.
  The result was a nice, rather sweet dessert to take to D&D. Helen and Steve had brought some biscuits back from Whitby, and the tea biscuits go very well with cream meringue whip, and stop it being too sickly, I brough a couple of biscuits back, but may eat those separately, and add the squishy dried figs I have left over to the left-over whip.

In other news. I bought a Status Quo hits double cd in the supermarket yesterday. CD I is hits from the 60's and 70's and is ace. Currently listening to 'Down, Down, Deeper and Down', which sounds like a firm of soliciters. CD2 is stuff from the 80's and later, and is mostly crap, though I'm looking forward to hearing their collaboration with Maddy Prior on 'All Around My Hat'. It surely has to be worth listening to once. The whole double CD only cost a fiver, which I figure the good CD alone in worth, so I'm fine with that.

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