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Well, you asked...

I just got around to something I intended to do last week.

I got the colour cartridge for my printer, and had a hell of a time removing it from the packaging. It was in one of those plastic blister packs that are sealed all the way round and need scissors to open them up. So I emailed the head of hp uk and sent him a polite email asking if he could make it any harder to get into the packaging.

I told him it only took five minutes, plus scissors, a split fingernail and some pain in my wrist to get the cartridge out, and at that, I was luckier than someone with weaker wrists would have been. Though once actually out, the cartridge itself is easy enough to use. I also pointed out that the cartridge cost nearly as much as a new printer, which I might have bought instead if it had been easier to find one suited to my OS.

I wonder if I'll get a reply ?


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2nd Sep, 2007 01:04 (UTC)
Yep, they make their money on the ink cartridges, not the printers themselves (which often come with cartridges that only hold half as much ink, so you need to buy new ones sooner). And they're much more interested in keeping someone from getting it out of the package in the store so they can shoplift it more easily than they are with how much of a PIA it is for the customer to get it open once they've bought it and gotten it home.
2nd Sep, 2007 11:57 (UTC)
Our ink cartridge in ours is abit odd, it doesn't seem to want to mix red to get other nice colours, so I get yellow, light green, and light blue. The red is still full. Odd. ANd we never changed it coz the cartridge costs so much. Paul said he will rather get another colour printer. Talk abt wastage and environmentally unfriendly. I hate it when electronic companies make it difficult and expensive to replace or repair their products. It is all abt making money with not good quality products so u keep buying new ones every 2 years as it is cheaper to do so then to fix it.
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