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13th Apr, 2007

I was just listening to an Emerson, Lake and Palmer cd, which finished with a very 70's synth twiddle. The sound reminded me so much of the music on 'Look Around You'.

For those who don't know, the first series of 'Look Around You' was half a dozen or so ten-minute programmes, which were wonderful spoofs of 70's school TV programmes. They are hilarious, and spot-on in their recreation of both schools television, and of 70's tv.

It reminded me mostly of something we used to get shown at junior school, recorded on a huge betamax video player. Watching a programme was more interesting than a real lesson, and the video itself was an enjoyable novelty, and no one had one at home then. We used to get this maths show - can't remember what it was called, but the idea was to to be entertaining, which it was, though I'm not sure how much maths we learnt from it. About the only things I specifically recall are some kind of animated demonstration of the Fibonacci sequence, and a character called Dr When, who was a time-traveller who wore a long scarf. I haven't the faintest idea of what any of his adventures taught us.
   I do remember one episode had a running joke about a woman scientist (or journalist) who had got this long club sort of thing, which was a prehistoric artifact called a lognuf. She reappeared at intervals through the programme, trying to find out what this lognuf was. At the end, she travelled back in time to meet a caveman, and asked him what the lognuf was. He grabbed it from her, grunted "lognuf to reach you", and hit her over the head with it.
  I may not have remembered any of the maths in the programme, but nerly 30 years on, I remember that gag.


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14th Apr, 2007 11:41 (UTC)
Dr When at taught symetry by use of some kind of invisibility field and paper plates.
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