Gillian (san_valentine) wrote,

The drugs do work

Well, I've been on the steroids and ani-nausea pills since Thurs and they're definitely making a difference. I'm still staggering around like Amy Winehouse on a bender, but I don't feel quite so deadful. It's more like I've had half a pint of strong cider too many.

This afternoon Gary kindly took me out in his car. We went to Elton at Betty Tiger's first, where Elton kindly washed and conditioned my hair for me. Much easier to lean back in a salon sink than to bend double over the bath. I feel much better for it. Elton, bless him, only charged a very nominal amount, I more than doubled it by giving him a 50p coin.

Gary and I went back to the Infirmary Road Tesco opposite his shop, and got rid of some of my glass and plastic that needed recycling. There's suddenly more room in my kitchen. After that we went round Tesco itself, Gary shuffling and me wobbling. As we usually do our shopping late in the evening, not teatime, it seemed remarkably busy. It was nice to do a sociable shop with a friend, instead of an online shop. Among the sensible stuff, I got eight (small) merangue nests reduced to 29p. Literally reduced in most cases. There's about four intact merangues and a lot of merangue shrapnel. No doubt I can do something inventive with lemon curd and evaporated milk for those, Can you whip evap ? I'd have thought so.

So have lovely clean hair and a well stocked fridge/freezer/cupboard, and feel it was a good afternoon, blessed with friends.
Tags: drugs, friends, hair, shopping
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