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Pic request

Does anyone have a decent, clear photo of me taken in the last three to four years ? I need something to send to my friends in NYC so they know who to look for at the airport.

I'd prefer a photo sent digitally, either a digial one or scanned in. It doesn't need to be large in size, and preferably well under 1meg otherwise my email will break. If you have something suitable, but don't have my email address, post a comment here and ask for it.

If you know someone off my flist you think my have a pic of me from a party, feel free to pass the message on. 


31st Aug, 2007 15:29 (UTC)
I got a lovely box of food from you (I still have some of the Graham crackers and Hershey bars for making 'smores. Lemon curd works very well in the microwave in place of marshmallows). Much appreciated it was too. I was sure I wrote back to thank you for the gifts. It must have been that letter that went missing.
I just checked my drawer of photos and no sign of any from you though. Odd.
31st Aug, 2007 16:35 (UTC)
There were 2 different shipments...the second had the photo and cat toys, etc....odd. The second one was sent about a week or so after the s'mores fixins (for which I did receive a thank you note). It must have gone missing. I didn't put a tracking number or insurance on it or anything so I wasn't able to check up on it to make sure it arrived.

Bummer! Oh well! Enjoy the online pic :) If you need a higher resolution one if you decide to print it, let me know!

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