Gillian (san_valentine) wrote,

Stop the room, I want to get off

Sat evening I started feeling dizzy. This got worse until Mon, when even getting dressed was almost too much of a challange. Tues and Wed have been marginally better, but I'm still lurching around like a drink, feeling nauseous on and off, and frequently sleepy. I saw the doc at the clinical trial today and had to withdraw from the trial, though he did prescribe both steroids and anti-nausea drugs. I really hope they help.
  Yesterday I had to call Iain B and ask him to bring me a loaf and a takeway, as I currently don't feel up to walking as far as the shops at the end of the road.

Imamange to read emails and my friends page, but often I'm either to tired to comment, or too woolly-headed. I'm still here though, and enjoying finding out what other people are getting up to while I wait for the drugs to kick in.
Tags: dizzy
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