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A mix of news to report, though mostly good.


Had a sudden panic that although I was fairly sure Fredy was arriving on Friday, she could be arriving today, so went to the railway station just in case. No sign of anyone likely to be her, so I went to the bank in town, and then to Meadowhall retail park. I got fresh supplies of embroidery thread from Hobbycraft and impulsively went into Homebase, where I succumbed to a fat cat in brown terracotta. Pudding now sits on the front doorstep of the house to greet everyone as they arrive.
 Next went to PC World in search of a colour cartridge for my printer. They didn't have any, as my printer is nearly 10 years old and doesn't seem to have been a common model. I considered buying a new printer, as a basic inkject costs about the same as a colour cartridge, and found one that claimed to be compatible with Win 98, which is what my elderly computer uses. As I didn't have a hope of carrying it home, I asked an assistent about delivery. He said it would cost about £16 per box and added with delightful honesty that he thought this was an outrageous price. He helpfully looked up the model number and told me to buy it online, which had free delivery.  When I did look it up online, it specified Win 98SE, while my pc uses basic Win 98, so I left it as I had most pressing things to worry about.
   As Fredy would be coming the next day, I had to do some washing up, vacuum, tidy, clean the kitchen floor, and put my sleeping bag to air. My excuse for not doing more of that before Thurs evening was that I'm supposed to be taking things easy at the moment.


Successfully met Fredy at the station, wandered around town and museum, went to pub in evening. (I'll do a more detailed post later)


Slept solidly for ten hours, and got up to discover that Fredy had made herself breakfast, using what looked suspiciously like the homemade jam I've been meaning to throw out for months, on her toast. I didn't say anything and she ate most of her toast. Spent a while getting beaten at my Rogue Squadron game by her. Got her to the station in nice time for her train and then pottered through a couple of shops. Popped into Wilkinson's and discovered they had exactly the printer cartridge I want, so bought one. Did a little shopping in the market, caught the bus home, slept for two hours.
  In the evening I started getting dizzy whenever I turned my head. No sign of optical neuritis or ear infection again. I guess it's a result of not resting as much as I should have. The facial numbness/post-anaesthetic feeling hasn't worn off yet. *sigh*


Still feeling woozy when I turn my head, which at least has the effect of encouraging me to rest. Watched the Grand Prix and did my embroidery. Read. Failed to do anything terribly useful, though I did make the icon I've used for this post. I'd rather like to go to the Devonshire Cat tomorrow, but I might be better off staying at home.

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