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Goodbye tree, goodbye sander

Two items I put on Freecycle yesterday have both been collected this afternoon.

There was a tree growing in an abandoned tub in the front garden. From matching its leaves to my 'Guide to trees' book, I think it was an alder. It is certainly tough, as it had grown happily into a 5' sapling with no attention from me, not even getting watered, in spite of being in a smallish tub. As I don't have space to give it a proper home, I put it on Freecycle, and it went to a family who are planting a hedge of native trees in their garden. I'm very pleased to think that my feral free will now have a good home.

I also re-offered the power sander, which I'd tried to get rid of before. No shortage of replies either time, but the first person I offered it to never collected it. Today it went to a woman who wanted it so she could get on with decorating her daughter's bedroom without having to wait for her husband to get around to it. We had a nice chat, mostly about the houses opposite which are up for sale. One has been sold and is being turned from student bedsits back into a family home. It's about the size of house the Freecycler would ideally like, as she has two children in middle school, one baby and twins on the way.

While waiting, I did some work in the garden, mostly in hacking back the ivy climbing over the side wall which is intent on taking over the garden. It was starting to climb the front wall of the house, but as it was aiming for the patch of wall with phone lines and TV aerials, I pulled it down. I also trmmed the honeysuckle back where it was overflowing onto the pavement and the front path.

While waiting for the second Freecyler to come, I was thinking about how I chose the recipient from among all the messages I got about the sander. The first to be eliminated was a message written in txt spk.. If you can't be bothered to write English, I can't be bothered to read it.
  After that would go the semi-literate. I don't object to typos or occasion spelling errors - anyone can do that, me included. I just can't stand the messages where people don't even seem to try to write properly. Messages with no discernable punctuation,  and no capitals used anywhere annoy me.
  Then I tend to eliminate any message that asks me to phone them to reply. I don't care for phoning strangers, and why should I stand the cost of a call. If you're on Freecycle, you have email. I don't mind phone calls so much for sorting out details like times once the preliminaries have been sorted, but I'd rather not have to phone anyone unles necessary.
   After that, I look at the content of the message. People who take the time to write even just a couple of lines explaining why they'd like something get more consideration than those who simply write "I'd like this if it's still available, thanks." That sounds rather like a mass-market message sent to anyone offering something that could be collected and flogged on for cash. That might not be the case, but I just pay more attention to those who put a little thought and effort into their response.
  And of course, I like to see 'please' and 'thank you' in a message

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