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The Nurse Said I Should

I'm under official medical orders to take it easy, and rest a lot. In fact the nurse said if she could prescribe watching daytime telly, that's what she'd do.
I phoned the ms nurse clinic this morning to let them know about the patch of numbness on one side of my face. It feels a bit odd, rather like I've had a local anaesthetic at the dentist which has partially worn off.  This started on Friday and increased in area a little over the weekend. I see the nurse's point about rest though. I went to the greengrocer's yesterday afternoon. It's just at the end of the road  - a 2-3 min walk either way. I was out for less than half an hour, and when I get back I had to go lie down, and napped for nearly an hour. I was out to the neighbouring shops today, and needed a lie-down after that little expedition. On the bright side, I did get to practice my walking exercises on the way to the shops :)

I was in a bit of a panic earlier this morning, as a German acquaintance from a Star Wars fan board is in the UK for a few weeks. She's coming to visit me in Sheffield, and her last email said she was going to get tickets on Monday, and she's let me know if she didn't get them. This morning, around noon, I suddenly had the awful thought that perhaps she'd meant that she would be buying tickets and travellinig here on Monday - today. I checked my email and was most relieved to see that there wasn't a message announcing that Fredy would be arriving at the railway station at 11.00am. I had visions of the poor woman sitting around in the station wondering where the hell I was.  No word from her yet, but it will be nice to see her. Maybe when I go to meet her, I should take along my 12" action figure of Wedge to wave around, so we can find one another.


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20th Aug, 2007 18:45 (UTC)
That patch of numbness sounds rather alarming. Taking it easy sounds like a very good idea!
20th Aug, 2007 20:41 (UTC)
I am still so jealous you and Fredy get to meet!

Feel better, hon *hugs*
21st Aug, 2007 05:08 (UTC)
Rest sounds like a good thing, but with booooooks! Daytime telly is only worth watching if there are old SF reruns. :-)

I hope you feel better soon.
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