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And in other news

Mum phoned yesterday morning. They've been house shopping again, though this time Mum stayed at home, and let Dad trek back and forth to Lancashire on his own. They've made an offer on a small bungalow in Cleveleys, which is a small town between Blackpool and Fleetwood. Dad fulfils his fantasy of living by the coast, but what he's going to do, other than ride up and down the prom on an electric scooter, neither Mum nor I have the faintest idea. As they're moving to a smaller house, they'll be living in much closer quarters. At the moment, Dad can watch sports on the telly in the sun lounge, while Mum's watching Corrie on the telly in the front room. I hope it works out all right.

While I was talking to Mum, she asked how my neck was. Which puzzled me, as I've not had any problems with it. She said hadn't I had it scanned, or something, because they thought I might have MSN.
  I managed to translate this, and replied that, as I'd already told her, it had been confirmed that I have Multiple Sclerosis. 
  I may have MS, but I certainly don't have MSN. Things could be worse :)

Picked up my VCR from the shop yesterday, allegedly repaired. Will have to plug it all in and give it a good test run before I take the loan one back.

I had the last of my regular physio appointments yesterday. More playing 'catch' while standing on one leg on a trampoline etc. After the tightrope walking and walking backwards, Lizzie demonstrated a new challenge. It was walking sideways, moving the second leg alternately in front of and behind the leading leg. When it was my turn, I neatly side-stepped along the bars and back again without a moment's hesitation, and grinned at her.
   "Grapevine step," I explained. "Practised it at belly dancing class."

I won't be seeing Lizzie again unless my condition changes, but I have to keep on doing the exercises she showed me. So please, ask me now and again (virtually or in Real Life) how the exercises are coming on. I'm more likely to keep them up on a regular basis if I know someone's going to be asking me about them.



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15th Aug, 2007 19:13 (UTC)
Will remind you to do your physio exercises, this may even remind me to do mine and strengthen my dodgy knee a bit!

I love that physio crosses over to bellydancing!
15th Aug, 2007 19:23 (UTC)
I recall when I was being shown workout exercises to do, and they demonstrated heel rises, and suggested that I might want to do them near a wall or something in case I lose my balance. I proceeded to do several in a row without leaning on anything. Italian Reniassance stepwork involves a fair bit of rising up and down from ones toes gracefully, so if I couldn't do it without falling down I'd be in trouble at dance practice.
15th Aug, 2007 20:15 (UTC)
Yes, we shall remind you abt the exercise! *hugs*
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