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A grand night out

Well, the Great Wall of Walkely dinner was a terrific night out.  Edy had booked the whole of Chez Lahlou in order to treat the friends who helped with rebuilding the wall at the back of her garden when it collapsed. We got fed with pizza and stuff at the time, six yeasrs ago, but Edy generously decided to say thank you again.

It was good to see so many friends, including some I hadn't seen in a while, far too many to list. I was wearing my smokey blue top, and decided to wear amber jewellry with it. Usually I just wear earrings and either a ring, or a bracelet, sometimes all three items. Today, I went the whole hog and wore amber earrings, necklace, bracelet and ring. I recieved several compliments on the necklace, which was a present from salmon_of_doubtand rhubarbtriangle, who were at my table. 

The food was served in the usual generous proportions. It was observed that everyone at our table had opted to eat the yummy (complimentary) chicken wings with their fingers, while everyone at the next table had used their knives and forks. There were about 30 people present, taking up the whole of the restaurant, and between courses there was mingling and chatting. I finally managed to give  mouschtiethe chocolates I'd bought for her birthday nearly a month ago (which she nearly left behind in the restaurant). Happily, she confirmed that she should be able to cat sit for me while I'm in the USA. So I get free board for my cats, and  mouschtiegets two cats to play with and cuddle. I hope I can get them back...
  Also loaned a copy of 'Cullen's Quest' to tallbint, who has finally persauded her wretched husband to read 'Two-Gun Trouble', which features a tall bint as a madam. (And some of the other people in the restaurant as characters)

When the meal was all done, and leftovers wrapped up to take away, some of the party went up to Bole Hill Park to watch for shooting stars. At least that was the theory.

The sky was rather cloudy so frankly there wasn't much chance of seeing any. Soul-rider says she spotted a shooting star, but I think she's the only person who did. Not that we spent too much time looking, as we were having far more fun in the playground. The Token Toddler had a good time, as normally she visits in the day time, when there are bigger children on some of the apparatus. This time she got to play on anything she liked. A group of a dozen adults playing on the swings, slides and climbing frames was enough to freak out the only local teenagers who came over, and they soon left. One of two people discovered that they could move the big seesaw by the power of their arse alone, and the spinning A-frame thingie proved popular. I think the first time I saw it being used properly, my attention was drawn by some ladylike cursing, from which I correctly identified  rhubarbtriangle  With long-haired riders whirling around and swooping up and down, it looked rather like there were witches riding broomsticks about. 
  There was some speculation as to how strong the various pieces of equipment were, as four or five adults piled on at once, but we decided that anything designed for a modern playground  would be designed to withstand groups of teenagers, so it was probably safe. I don't think we broke anything. We were there for about two and a half hours, before the cold started to catch up with us, and we went home, after thanking edy again for the meal. 

I suspect I will be shattered tomorrow, though at least all the exercise in the playground will have burnt off a good few of the calories from the meal. It was a great night out.


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12th Aug, 2007 08:05 (UTC)
sorry we missed the park - but glad everyone had a fab time! :)
12th Aug, 2007 12:38 (UTC)
"It was observed that everyone at our table had opted to eat the yummy (complimentary) chicken wings with their fingers, while everyone at the next table had used their knives and forks"

Those things are hot, especially covered in tangy sauce. :)
12th Aug, 2007 16:05 (UTC)
Excuses, excuses! :p
Don't you have asbestos fingers? I would have thought the heavy gaming on your pc (WoWing and whatever else you use your PC for!) would have bestowed the war scars of having thick calloused hands/fingers! *cheeky laugh* >;)

On the other hand, it was good to see you guys! I had fun being silly in the park under the cover of darkness. :) I have some light bruising on my inner thighs, probably when I gripped the wretched "A" swinging aparatus seat pole with fear of falling off when Becky swirled me around gallantly. :p

Oh, a lil' birdie told me that WoW's new expansion is coming out soon. I take it your characters will be levelling up quickly to level 80 when you get your grubby mitts on the new game? >:D
12th Aug, 2007 16:26 (UTC)
Re: Excuses, excuses! :p
World of Warcraft does not require a keyboard made of red-hot iron; as such it has had no discernible effect on the heat conductivity of my fingers.

No date for the expansion has been set, though companies are often keen to get their product in the shops before Christmas so for the moment that's my uninformed guess.

I shall refrain from commenting about your thighs. :p
13th Aug, 2007 17:55 (UTC)
I have to agree, I used cutlery not for manners sake but due to the temperature of the chicken!
12th Aug, 2007 17:42 (UTC)
Sorry we missed playing in the park, it was cloudy where we were too but at least we had beer as did a brief Dram Shop run on our way home!

Thanks again for the book!
12th Aug, 2007 23:08 (UTC)
Apologies to you and the others I parted ways with outside the restaurant for not saying good-bye properly. My lift uphill to the park was ready to go, so I left without waiting to establish who was going where. It was nice to see you, and let me know if you do need a copy of 'Hyde's Honour'/
13th Aug, 2007 17:53 (UTC)
Will do!

13th Aug, 2007 11:26 (UTC)
Was a great evening and fab to get (nearly) everyone together again. It's a shame that some people couldn't make it but sincere thanks still stand for everyone involved in the mamoth wall building effort -you're all amazing!
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