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The book about the TT races I'd ordered for Dad arrived this morning. It's a lovely book, and I'm looking forward to browsing through before putting it away for Xmas. Well, I have to be sure that all the pages are there :) Was amused as always by the parcelforce man's greeting as he handed over the parcel "How do." I'm sure that's not in the official customer service manual.

Five of my neighbouring houses used to be University-owned student accomodation. As the Uni is building it's sprawling new student village at Endcliffe, it's selling off most of the houses it owns. Hence, serveral houses on this road have been empty since last summer. I believe the University wants them to be returned to family homes, not bought to rent out, and has put restrictions on the sale. Well, it might be that one just over the road has been sold. I've seen a couple with toddler there a couple of times this week, looking around. They are huge Victorian terraces, with cellars and converted attic rooms, so you could fit a good-sized family into one.

Had a potter in the garden this afternoon. Plaited the honeysuckle into itself, to make it a bit neater, and pinched out some growing shoots to encourage it to grow nice and bushy. It's in full leaf now, and looking cheerful. It grows over the pillar at the end of the wall by the entrance and when it's flowering, you get a wonderful scent as you walk past. A friend gave me a cutting from a honeysuckle in her garden a few years ago, and it's grown from that, with regular attention to get it to grow around the pillar and get bushier. I feel rather proud when I look at it. (aptly, the CD playing at this moment is 'Flowers in the Rain').

Went and did a big shop in Tesco's this evening with Gary. He has a car, and obligingly takes me to a big supermarket every two-three weeks. It's a great opportunity to stock up on the bulky, heavy stuff, like 4 kilo bags of cat food, and multibuy stuff. I always buy some kind of cake or bun for us to share when we get back to mine with all the shopping, This evening, I got 4 chocolate chip muffins reduced from £1.50 to 49p. And I was pleased to find that they not only stocked the Swedish perry, but had it on offer at 3 bottles for £5. Freezer and storecupboards are now well provisioned. Thanks, Gary.


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13th Apr, 2007 08:15 (UTC)
Coo. I wish I could afford one of those houses. They've got so much character and it's a really nice area. :-)
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