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Once upon a time

As told by sloopjonb

There was once a man in London, many years ago, whose father became very rich. Now this man was not used to riches and high living, and did not much care for it, but he had always wanted to move away from London and live in the country. So his father, to grant his wish, sent for the finest architect in England, and had him design and build a magnificent country house, out in Kent. Beautiful example of the Palladian style, it was. However, there was a problem. The young man was very proud, and would not allow his father, even with all his new found riches, to pay for anything. He said he would rather stand on his own two feet than accept charity, even from his own father. A foolish pride, I am sure you will agree, but such are the follies of youth.

So, his father devised a cunning plan. He would pay for all the work, and the land, and everything, and then he would sell the house to the architect for a nominal sum, and then the architect would sell it on the son for the same sum, and the young man would never know the truth of what had happened.

The house was duly built, and furnished, and at last the great day came when the plan would be sprung upon the son. The architect set off to the son's lowly dwelling in Shoreditch, there to persuade him to buy this house. He had a perfect cover story all set up; how he had been stiffed with this house because the original client had fallen out of favour with King Charles, and had run off to the Virginia colonies one step ahead of the law, and because of various complications the architect couldn't shift the property nohow, and he had heard from a mutual friend that the young man wished to remove to the country, and so on and so forth. Perfect.

Alas, it didn't quite go to plan. The architect nipped into The Grapes for a quick drink, and chanced upon some fellows he knew, and they took him on to The Mermaid, and the Queen's Head, and one or two other places, and by the time the architect rolled up at the Shoreditch house his delivery of the storyline left much to be desired. What he actually said (slurring a bit) was:

"Hello. My name is Inigo Jones. I billed your father. Prepare to buy."



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