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Balancing Act

Went to the Hallamshire this morning for, among other things, my second physio session. A lot of the work this week was balancing excercise. Having passed the first test fairly easily, the next one was more challenging.
   I had to stand on a circular board with a hemisphere fixed underneath, so it wobbled and tipped in all directions. Once I'd got the knack of balancing on that, we then played catch. Lizzie, the physio, made things more complicated by not just throwing the ball directly towards me, but aiming it slightly to one side, so I had to reach to catch it, while balancing on the wobbly board. I felt like I was in training for 'It's A Knockout'.
  After that, there were more balance test sand exercises. Walking heel-to-toe (I'm not sure I'd pass a drunk driver test, even sober), and doing so while turning my head slowly from side to side. I also practised walking backwards (though not necessarily for Christmas), and standing on one leg on a trampoline.   Oh, and playing 'catch' with one foot on a squishy air-cushion thing.
   Altogether, the balance exercises were fun, though I could feel the muscles working. Might be a little stiff tomorrow.

Afterwards I went into town, to pay a bill and browse Fargate. Got some undies and a pair of earrings in Marks and Sparks, and enjoyed the sunshine. When I got off the bus near home, encountered Iain B on the street and we had a nice chat. (OK, most of it was an exchange of bad news - ill health, cranky technology and two deaths - but it was nice to see Iain). Got home, lay down and slept for an hour.


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31st Jul, 2007 20:56 (UTC)
I think you're doing better than I could - don't think I could balance on one of those things!
31st Jul, 2007 21:01 (UTC)
I can't walk heel-to-toe either. And I've seen those balancing boards before. They win over me. I suck.
31st Jul, 2007 22:14 (UTC)
What's the physio for? Are you recovering from an injury?
1st Aug, 2007 00:04 (UTC)
My left leg is weaker than the right because of ms, which also causes muscle stiffness and spacticity. It can make walking rather tiresome - and tiring - especiallg going uphill, which is hard to avoid in Sheffield.

I still have a pretty good sense of balance though. I used to do some yoga exercises which involved standing on one leg, and I developed the knack of thinking my weight into my spine, and in a straight line to the ground. With the weight centred on the spine, it's easier to remain stable. That seems to work even on a wobbling board.

My physio said my general posture is good, which helps. Who knows, maybe those ballet lessons I had when I was four did some good :)
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