Gillian (san_valentine) wrote,

I've been feeling a little light-headed the last day, so took myself off to the Drop-In centre at the Hallamshire, which is just a nice stroll away. The sinusitis has pretty much cleared up, but it turns out that it's lead to a middle ear infection. *sighs*.

When I got home, I did like the nurse said, and had a steam inhalation, adding a gloop of Vicks. It seems to have helped, so I'll do it again tomorrow if I'm still a bit woozy.

More cheerful news: home cooking this evening. Cauliflower and potato soup for tea, followed by pear crumble. Both very good, especially the crumble. I sloshed some rum into the pears for added oomph. Forgot to add any cinnamon, like I'd intended, but never mind.

Met the new neighbour in the basement flat. Name of Lilia, from somewhere Eastern Europe, at a guess, here as post-graduate/research type. I have a BA (hons) and I'm probably the least-qualified person in the house - apart from my cats.
Tags: food, illness
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