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The VCR saga continues

So. I finally got around to unplugging the VCR that Richer Sounds loaned me, and pu in my own machine, which had come back from being repaired. A few days later, (last Sat), I got around to putting the loan video machine back in its box and had it packed up all ready to return.
  Mon night I recorded some progs while I was out playing 'Buccaneer' (which is a board game, in case you were wondering).
  This afternoon, Wed, I watched the programmes - all was well and good.
   This evening, I thought I'd tape 'Heroes' and watch it later in the evening. 

So I tried to swap tapes. The machine gave up the tape I'd used Monday. but wouldn't accept another tape. They go partway in and halt. Fortunately, it will spit them out again. I tried three tapes, including the one I'd used on Monday. It wouldn't have them. Presumably it's a fault in the tape loading mechanism. so I'm tempted to take the lid off and see if I can fix it myself.
  However, that would invalidate the warrenty, no doubt, so I'll probably be better off uplugging the thing, putting it in its box, getting the loan one out of its box and setting it up, then taking the faulty one back to the shop.

Panasonic had better get it right this time.

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