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What did Horace say ?

I put the telly on just before six, so I could hear the opening headlines of the news while I was in the kitchen getting a sandwich. 'Neighbours' was still on, and seemed to showing a young man and woman considering getting intimate. As I left for the kitchen, I distinctly heard Young Man saying:
  "My head's writing cheques that my body couldn't cash,"
Oh, a music quote, I thought, then wondered, naturally, which song it was from.

After a couple of minutes pondering (and assembling a cheese sandwich), I recalled that it's a quote from Richard Thompson. To be more specific, in' Tear Stained Letter', he writes.
   "My head was beating like a song by the Clash, it was writing cheques that my body couldn't cash."

Richard Thompson and 'Neighbours' is not a combination I could ever have imagined existed.


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19th Jul, 2007 09:55 (UTC)
Are you another RT fan? Me huge big RT fan. In fact I'm becoming a bit of a boring evangelist o the subject ...
19th Jul, 2007 16:22 (UTC)
I like what I've heard of his music, though I wouldn't really go so far as to call myself a fan. I have the greatest admiration for him as a guitarist, mind.

The only RT music I have is a compilation cd put together for me by a friend. Steve is a big, BIG fan of Fairport Convention and all things related. He and his wife breed Abyssinian cats, and their stud name is Fairport. A living, breathing, purring collectible for fans who must have everything Fairport !
23rd Jul, 2007 16:02 (UTC)
I dread to think what 'everything Fairport' consists of ... there's too much of it to collect, surely?

I was in the same class at school as Martin Alcock ... don't remember him at all.
19th Jul, 2007 11:08 (UTC)
Unless it was a corruption of the line in Top Gun?

"your ego is writing cheques your body can't cash"
19th Jul, 2007 16:18 (UTC)
'Top Gun' does seem a more likely source for the line than Richard Thompson. Of course, the writers may just have picked up the phrase generally.

How long before children hearing the expression start asking "What's a cheque ?"
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